For Serious Lifters and NON-NEWBIES Only: If you’re tired of spinning your wheels in the sand not noticing a single shred of results or muscle growth anymore, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.


They Couldn’t Believe How I Went From “Oh He Works Out” to “Damn He’s Jacked” By following 3 Under The Radar Techniques That You Will NEVER Read In ANY Fitness Magazine, Blog, or Article…Until Now


Dear friend,

Note: If you are NOT natural and are on some type of gear (steroid), stop reading, this is not for you.

Also: If you are a newbie or have less than 1 year of solid training under your belt, again – stop reading this because it’s not for you.

Hi I’m Alain Gonzalez and I used to be “that skinny kid” as everyone used to call me. But then something miraculous happened…

I busted through my skinny guy genetics and finally put on a solid 27 pounds of lean mass. And for once in my life I was no longer that “skinny kid.” I walked around with my head held high and a kick in my step.

My confidence shot through the stratosphere and I was noticing more female attention than my older “ladies man” brother.

However, something terrible happened.

My Results Came To A Screeching Halt

I’ll get to more of that in a second because I have an important announcement to make…

A program specifically for guys who have stopped experiencing those newbie-like steroid gains and have been stuck in the minor leagues when it comes to building natural and permanent muscle mass. I’m specifically talking about 3-BIG mistakes that if you fix, will transform even the most seasoned veteran.

I call them the BIG-3.

Every phase that you’ll have access to is formulated to increase the rate of hypertrophy by at least 50-70% faster than the typical 5 day workout split. Not only will you be benching 225 for reps after the first phase, but you’ll look like you can bench 225 for reps because with the strength, muscle will follow.

For the first time, I have organized my absolute best and most effective methods for building muscle as an intermediate-natural trainee, with techniques that have worked for myself, my clients, and most importantly, are 100% backed by non-bias studies and 110% B.S. free.

It’s the same system that allowed me to go from “he’s not skinny anymore” to “damn, that guy is jacked”.

The same system that has finally allowed me to throw 225 on the bar and push it like its 135.

It’s the same exact approach that has transformed thousands of natural men (and women) all over the world – and the same techniques proven by science to be the most optimal for intermediate trainees who are not on drugs of any kind.

Now before you get too excited, I have bad news…this program is not for everyone as I said before…so let’s see if you can meet the criteria before we go any further.

This program is NOT for…
  • Anyone who has not been training, consistently, for at least 1 year (no beginners)
  • Anyone who hasn’t already exhausted their “newbie gains”…
  • Someone who is overweight and wanting to get ripped…
  • Someone who is afraid of lifting heavy weight…
  • A person who cannot dedicate 5-6 days per week to their training goals…
  • Close minded individuals who are not ready to completely change their entire perspective of how muscle is built.
An enhanced lifter (a trainee who uses steroids of any type)

If any other these points above sounds like you, sorry, this program is not for you.

On the other hand, if none of these points described you, then NOW you can get really excited, because I am about to change your life, completely.

But first, let me tell you a quick story about myself…

Now before I dive into the BIG-3, I have something pretty embarrassing to share with you.

Something that you probably didn’t know about me…something that most guys who want to build muscle and look like a walking monument chiseled out of stone go through that none like to admit.

Because a few years back, I blew everyone away when I went from a scrawny 115lb weakling to packing on over 20 pounds of permanent, rock-hard muscle mass. Life was great. My confidence was up, my clothes started to actually fit to my body as opposed to hanging off of my boney frame, and I was getting much more attention from the ladies.

Unfortunately, that feeling of being on cloud nine came crashing back down to earth after just a few months.   You see, people noticed my transformation because I went from being the “really skinny kid” to “the kid that used to be really skinny”. Although I had put on a nice amount of muscle mass, I still just looked like a normal guy to most people…especially in clothes.

I didn’t stand out.

With my shirt off – I was proud.

But with my normal work clothes on, even t-shirts, you couldn’t tell I lifted weights.

Time would pass, I would run into people, and I noticed that everyone always seemed to ask the same question.

“Are you still lifting weights?”

Now this might not sound like a big deal…yet to me, this was heartbreaking, confidence shattering, and a downright slap in the face.

These people had no idea how hard I was busting my hump in the gym, day in and day out….but it wasn’t their fault…it was mine…because the results I was seeing (or lack thereof) were simply not a reflection of the effort I was putting in.

Does this sound familiar?

I was training just as hard, if not harder than I did when I initially transformed my body. I was consistently eating my 6 meals a day without fail (just like you hear in the magazines and online) and I was pushing my weights every week up by 5-10 pounds on most lifts.

But for some reason…the scale…never…changed. Measurements remained exactly the same. And the reflection I saw in the mirror was getting more depressing as the months passed by.

Not because I didn’t look good, yet because I still LOOKED the same.

Determined to get back on the “gain train”, I dove back into the books and became borderline obsessed with researching anything that had to do with shattering through plateaus and forcing my body to lay down new muscle mass…

I knew it was going to be harder but I was determined…

And It wasn’t long before I realized that everything I read…well almost everything was just pure conflicting information…No clear cut answers existed and everyone just pushed for their own agenda.

One person said body-part splits were the way to go, while another said total body workouts were all the rage…

But there was one piece of advice that, no matter how different the opinions on the topic were, they all agreed on this.

If you’re not putting on any size…EAT MORE! In order to pack on muscle you have to be in a positive energy balance…it was the only way.

Reluctantly, I gave in to this advice. And I say reluctantly because I was scared I’d put on too much mass (mostly from fat) Yet, I was desperate for an answer…a cure to this pitiful situation and willing to try anything.

So…I ate more…a lot more.  It wasn’t long before I finally saw some change. There was a light at the end of the tunnel! Arms are bigger, clothes are fitting tighter, and the scale was heading north like an un-manned freight train…

There I was, making gains and back on cloud nine.


….but…once again…it didn’t last.

I’ll never forget this day…

I was hanging out with my buddy Bryan after a couple of months of not seeing each other.

The first thing he said was “Wow, bro…you’ve gotten a lot bigger”

At that very moment I felt my eyes light up, and in a very excited tone I said “Yeah, man. I’ve put on about 10 pounds”…

As soon as I respond, he crushes me with “Yeah, I noticed your face is much rounder”.

If that wasn’t bad enough, seconds later his mom walks in and hits me with “wow, Alain…you’re getting chubby”

Looking back they were right…although I was putting on size, I was certainly adding inches to the waistline.

Now most “experts” would say this is normal and the standard…

You bulk up and then you cut down in order to show off your newly added muscle mass…

This was me on Memorial Day that year…it wasn’t until I saw this picture that I thought about what Bryan and his mom had said, and decided they were right and it was time to get shredded and show off my newly acquired muscle mass.

Fast Forward 12 Weeks Later…

There I was, back to the same weight I was at before…and if that wasn’t strange enough, all my measurements were exactly the same as they were a few months back and to make matters worse, I wasn’t able to push the same amount of weight on most of my big lifts!

AKA – I hadn’t gained a single NEW pound of muscle mass…


Did I hit my genetic limits for muscle mass?

I had no idea…

Did I just plain out have bad genetics?

Well, I wasn’t blessed, but I didn’t think so…

Was I ever going to put on any quality size without having to resort to steroids?

I thought about it for a second…

But then it hit me, that wasn’t even an option for me considering I am no fan of needles.

But, I wasn’t ready to give up just yet…

So what did I do? Well, instead of reading books and articles based on someone’s opinion on the research THEY read, or listening to the enhanced or genetically elite trainees, I decided to find the research myself.

I became an A+ student almost overnight…(the exact opposite of what I was in high school)

I must have gone over 100 different studies on nerdy topics like protein synthesis, neuromuscular adaptation, supplementation, and anything that had to do with the science behind building muscle naturally.

I literally felt like a law student studying furiously for the bar…up late nights, declining invitations to go out with friends, shutting off my phone for days at a time, and the list can go on and on.

And one day it finally hit me like a ton of bricks…

It was staring at me right there.

That EUREKA moment that are so few and far in between that you and I experience throughout life…

I could not have imagined being so thrilled to find out EVERYTHING I was doing was completely unnecessary and downright wrong!

For the next month I worked relentlessly on perfecting my new training approach. Everything from the perfect split, to the perfect exercises, sets, reps, etc down to my macro and micrnonutrient intake.

I was putting it all together – the perfect recipe for continued muscle growth.

Fast Forward 6 Months, This Was Me

I had once again completely changed my body and for the first time in my life I not only looked like I lifted weights, but I even stood out in a gym full of buff meatheads…

But that wasn’t all…I was benching and squatting more than most of the big guys at my gym and was constantly getting props from them on my “crazy strength”.

Oh and here’s the cool part…I did it all without eating every 2 and a half hours, spending 2 hours in the gym at a time, or rushing to my house for a post workout shake before the anabolic window of time shut down.

And when I boiled it down, it all came back to just one thing…

The only thing that mattered…

More on that in a second because I wanted to share with you real quick the BIG-3 mistakes I made and that I DON’T want you to make anymore when it comes to building crazy amounts of natural muscle mass…

Mistake #1 – Focusing too much on the “mind-muscle connection”

Everywhere you read, the “big” guys say that you need to focus on the “mind muscle connection” in order to stimulate massive growth. This form of thinking is only partly true and grossly overstated because the only true way to establish a mind-muscle connection is by lifting light loads with slow tempos and having to really concentrate and focus on the contraction.

Does this sound like something you’ve been told before?

Well, what they are leaving out is that some muscles work in conjunction with others while some only serve one unique purpose. And the only true way to understanding how to fire a muscle optimally for massive muscle growth is by understanding it’s proper bi0-mechanical function. When you understand this, then firing that specific body-part becomes effortless.

Now if you’re thinking “what about slow tempos for increased time under tension?”

I’ll give it to you straight…if your true 1 rep max on the bench press is 275 lbs, then a working set using a slow tempo with a 3-4 second negative might look something like 175 lbs or even less than this. Think you’ll be forcing a muscular adaption by lifting only 135 pounds when your true max is 275?


Unless you’re still a newbie and can grow like a weed just by looking at the weights.

Now how can you stimulate the muscle and REALLY establish that effortless mind-muscle connection like a bolt of electricity striking a metal object?

Simply by stimulating your central nervous system with higher intensity (closer to max effort) lifts.

Think of it like 20 people all on the count of 3 trying to lift a car as opposed to just 5 people trying to lift the car every 5 seconds. It’s not an efficient unit.

Maximum efficiency = Maximum Stimulation = Maximum Growth

Mistake #2 – The Bro Split (Chest Monday, Back Tuesday, Legs Wednesday, Etc)

I’m willing to bet a lot of money that one of the first programs you ever did was the classic bro-split which consisted of splitting up your body-parts throughout the week…

Am I correct?

Well guess what?

This style of training is one of the worst ways to stimulate muscle growth for the average, natural trainee who’s blown past his newbie gains.

These body-part splits work, but only for the advanced guy loading up on steroids.

The real key to sufficient, natural muscle growth at an accelerated rate is frequency, which has been shown time and time again to elevate protein synthesis beyond baseline levels.

And the higher rate of protein synthesis or what we like to call “protein-turnover,” equals an accelerated growth environment.

That is why steroids work so well because they jack up your rate of protein synthesis to super-human levels.

Now will you be able to get the same effect just through training?

Hate to burst your bubble, but no.

However, you can increase this effect like I stated before through an increase in frequency.

Now there are certain training variables you have to manipulate (and we’ll get to those in a second), but it can be (and should be) done.

The idea that training a muscle group 6x per week, might sound crazy, but it’s well within your limits. Just take a look at these Bulgarian Olympic lifters who squat sometimes 6x per day? Crazy right?

And it’s not because of their genetics or use of performance enhancing drugs…

It all has to do with their program structure. Something that you’re going to discover in just a few moments…


Mistake #3 –Chasing the Pain

And last but not least, the idea that “chasing the pain” or “going hard or go home” is the only option for pure muscle growth, is one of the biggest, bone-headed myths that any natural trainee can make.

I followed that “hardcore” way of training for a few months in the beginning and the only thing that ended up happening was time off from the gym due to numerous muscle and tendon strains.

Plus, my motivation to even workout took a sharp decline because of CNS fatigue and overload.

For example, if the “chasing the burn” was so effective, then why doesn’t everyone just perform pick up 15 pound dumbbells and knock out sets of 15-20 all of the time?

Because it doesn’t work and neither does going to failure all the time.

If you can leave just a little bit of gas in the tank after each set, in the end your total workload (reps x weight lifted) will be much higher.

Take a look at this example below…

Let’s say you walk into the gym and you are aiming to push 225 lbs on the bench for 3 sets, here is what it might look like for someone who is training to failure.

Set # 1 – 225 lbs x 8

Set #2 – 225 lbs x 5

Set #3 – 225 lbs x 3

In this example, the trainee went to failure on the first set. This single set has significantly fatigued his CNS and thus his second set suffered. Since he is still training to failure and did so in order to reach those 5 reps, he is further taxing his CNS. I think by now you can understand why he was only able to push for 3 reps on the last set. I think it would also be worth mentioning that any exercises he performs after the bench press will suffer as well.

Total Workload: If we calculate his total workload, it comes to 3600.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a trainee who is aiming to push 225 lbs on the bench for 3 sets, but will not train to failure.

Set #1 – 225 lbs x 6

Set #2 – 225 lbs x 6

Set #3 – 225 lbs x 5-6

In this example, the trainee was still potentiated after his first set, thus his second set did not suffer. Now, after two pretty intense sets he may not be as potentiated, but certainly not fatigued.

Total Workload: 3825-4050

So are you ready to start piling on slabs of muscle to your entire frame, without adding any ugly belly fat?

Are you ready to start pushing heavier weights then the juiced-up freaks at your gym who wouldn’t know a barbell curl to a back squat?

Are you ready to finally look in the mirror everyday and smile at the changes you notice in the mirror?

The changes in your physique that you so desperately want?

The changes in the mirror that you’ve been putting in the relentless amount of blood, sweat and tears for?

Just close your eyes and imagine pushing heavier weights for more reps week after week, month after month…

All the while forcing your body into a corner so it has no choice but to grow, recover and adapt.

Allowing you to build muscle at the newbie-like frantic pace that you experienced when you picked up your first weight or performed your first push up.

Let me break it down for you – Here is why you’re finding it nearly impossible to put on anymore muscle…

  1. Obsessing over the perfect rep tempo, rest periods, and this infamous mind-muscle connection.
  2. Training in the same 8-12 rep range, every day, on all your lifts.
  3. Pushing every rep to failure and driving your CNS into the ground.
  4. Isolating smaller muscle groups without understanding their function.
  5. Letting each muscle group rest far too long before training it again.
  6. Following an uncalculated “clean food” vs “dirty food” diet plan.

Today you have the very rare chance to take your physique from “yeah he probably lifts” to “damn that dude is jacked!” all while moving weight that even the “bigger” guys at the gym struggle with. I am going to teach you a scientifically proven method to becoming immensely strong all while forcing hypertrophy, NATURALLY!


Take Your Physique to The Next Level With…

Component #1: M.A.S.S. Growth Factors ($67 Value)

This guide exploits the 9, scientifically proven, most critical factors in your training, period. No fluff, just hard facts and solid eye-opening information that will change the way your train, forever. After reading through this guide I have no doubt that you will have a 100% clear understanding as to why progress has been so slow in the first place and why these little-known methods will help sky-rocket your gains, quickly.

Understanding Growth Factors # 1 and #4 alone are more than enough to excel your training to new heights and have you lifting heavier and packing on more muscle than you have in the previous months or even years.

Component #2: M.A.S.S. Nutrition ($47 Value)

Tired of eating the same 6 foods every day?

Is trying to consume a meal ever 2.5 hours destroying your social life?

I bet you are under the impression that if you don’t eat your 6 meals a day, you won’t build muscle. Or even worse, you’ll lose the muscle that you have worked so hard for. FALSE! This component exposes the real truth about bodybuilding nutrition and reveals a shockingly simple approach to eating for muscle mass without losing your abs. And it doesn’t matter if you want to eat 6 meals a day or if you only have time for 1-3 meals per day, as long as you follow the principles in M.A.S.S. Nutrition you will build muscle without putting on any unnecessary fat.

Component #3: M.A.S.S. Workout Phase 1 and 2 ($54 Value)

Each training phase is 12 weeks of high frequency, high volume, intense training that should not be attempted by anyone who has been training for less than 6 months consistently. Each month is strategically structured to maximize adaptation and recovery for ongoing performance increases without overtraining the central nervous system. If you’ve read M.A.S.S. Growth Factors then you’ll understand why this training program is laid out the way it is and you’ll be more than impressed with the results.

Component #4: M.A.S.S. Execution DVD ($27 Value)

This is a huge video demonstration library of every single exercise in M.A.S.S. Workout Phase 1 and 2. This component is jam packed with the top exercises for each muscle group for the best “bang for your buck”. You’ll even find some little-known biceps exercises that you’ve probably never done, including one of my personal favorites for all around biceps thickness.


Component #5: M.A.S.S. Mobility ($27 Value)

This guide reveals the most optimal form of deep tissue, myofascial release for reduced soreness and increased mobility. Having slight shoulder discomfort? Discover some extremely simply stretches you can do from home to rid the pain practically instantly.

Increased Mobility = Increased ROM = Optimal Performance for Increasing Muscle Size and Strength


Component #6: M.A.S.S. Nutrition Calculator ($37 Value)

By simply putting in your bodyweight, using the most up to date nutrition intake formula used by some of the top trainers in the world, this calculator will spit out everything from your daily caloric intake, the exact fats, proteins, and carbs you should be consuming, to your daily water intake, all the way down to your fiber and fruit + vegetable servings. No calculus degree needed to figure out your nutritional needs!


Component #7: The M.A.S.S. Calendar ($17 Value)

The entire 84 days (12 Weeks) is organized day by day for you to track your progress. Print this us and check off each day after completion to keep you on track and motivated through each phase. Take it one workout at a time!


Component #8: M.A.S.S. Workout Tracking Sheets ($17 Value)

No more guessing and assuming as to whether or not you are improving. The workout tracking sheets have laid out every single workout and exercise and all you have to do is fill in the blank. They have been laid out in the easiest format to track each workout to the previous without causing you to dig through an entire workout log.


Because you’ve read this far, I know that you are serious about taking your physique to the next level. I can tell that it’s not your drive and dedication that is holding you back because you’re already putting in a tremendous amount of effort every single day.

All you need is the right information.

And because this is a new program and I want to get it in the hands of as many serious trainees as possible, you have the opportunity to grab the full 8 component system for just $47…

Sale $97, Today $47


And if you’re still reading and still not completely convinced that this is an absolute steal…

Then take a look at what a few of the top fitness experts are saying about M.A.S.S.!

“If putting on size is your goal, then you have come to the right place”


If putting on size is your goal, then you have come to the right place.  Alain is a genius when it comes to constructing workout routines that WORK!  It is important to know which muscles groups to train at the right intervals and how often to train them if you want results.  Alain does this and more which is why his program gets my seal of approval.

Anthony Alayon

C.F.T. Certified Fitness Trainer

C.S.N. Certified Sports Nutritionist

“Even if you’ve been training for more than 2+ years, this will get those gains going again”


M.A.S.S. is one of those programs that scream “I WANT THAT!” I remember when I picked up my first weight and experienced those crazy, shocking, skyrocketing gains that I thought to myself, “this would last forever.” Obviously it did not, but after those newbie, steroid-like gains were gone, I found myself scratching my head not sure what to do next. This program is the perfect marriage to take anyone who has at least 6 months of lifting experience and propel them into more, continual growth. Even if you’ve been training for more than 2+ years, this will get those gains going again in the right direction.


Jared Dicarmine

“This is pure INTELLIGENT muscle building that will not only get you bigger with lean, functional mass, but strong like kong”


If you’re SERIOUS about building muscle and strength at the same time and sick of the old, boring bodybuilding workouts you still see popping up just about every day, M.A.S.S. Growth is a step above those and more.  This is pure INTELLIGENT muscle building that will not only get you bigger with lean, functional mass, but also get your strong like Kong.  It’s the perfect blend of muscle and strength training that I give two big thumbs up to.


Travis Stoetzel

Author of Unbreakable Badass Blueprint

Founder of

“I’ve reviewed and tested hundreds of bodybuilding programs over my 20 years of training and bodybuilding and M.A.S.S Growth Factor is game changer for the industry”


Alain has simply cracked the code to putting on MASS on any type of body. I’ve reviewed and tested hundreds of bodybuilding programs over my 20 years of training and bodybuilding and M.A.S.S Growth

Factor is game changer for the industry. If you’re looking to improve your physique and don’t want to waste time with lame made-up gym theory this is the program for you. “Science over Bro-science”


Coach Rahz Slaughter –

Author: Meta Burn Diet

Founder: Meta Burn Fitness Brand

Alain knows his stuff, big time, and if you want to build your ideal body, his program is a necessary addition to your library.


I like trying out new programs. Anytime someone has something a little different I’ll happily try it out and see how my body reacts to the new demands. Most programs, however, aren’t all that different. They’re typically the same thing wrapped in a different package. Alain does stuff differently, and it works. I mean it really works. It’s hard not to get stronger and gain muscle with this program. Alain knows his stuff, big time, and if you want to build your ideal body, his program is a necessary addition to your library.


Chad Howse

Certified Personal Trainer

Amateur Boxer

Published Author

Sale $97, Today $47

Here is just a taste of how good a deal this is: When I was doing one on one coaching, I charged about $67 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours per week. This entire program runs for 24 weeks. If you hired me for half that time, it would cost $3,216. Now granted this would still be money well invested (and it has been for numerous clients) because they all experienced shocking skinny-to muscular transformation.

However, for most people this is either not feasible or you don’t live anywhere near me.

To put it simply, you have the rare opportunity to get your hands on a program that is not only completely backed by science, but has proven to work wonders in practice. This is information that has taken me years to accumulate and I have compiled it all into one massive, easy to follow, step by step, practically done for you, program.

Imagine never having to wonder again “is this going to work?” or “is this the fastest way to build muscle for me?”

Picture yourself, in just a matter of weeks, pushing 2 plates on the bench press with ease, all while your body grows just as fast as your lifts. Being pound for pound stronger than 90% of the guys in your gym just after phase 1 which I like to call “The Max Loading Stage”

Look, I am not going to B.S. you or sell you a dream. You more than likely can achieve amazing results without the information in M.A.S.S.  But how long will it take? How many times will you have to “switch things up” before you get a working formula? Or how many hours, days, weeks, months, or even years are you willing to invest into researching this for yourself?

At the end of the day, it’s your decision to make…and it all comes down to two options.

Option #1 – Use all the free content I have available and hope to put it all together yourself…

Let’s be honest…a lot of the information in this program are principles that I discuss very openly through various resources such as my YouTube channel which now has over 13,000 subscribers  or my muscle monster email news letter which is an awesome community of over 20,000 members. In fact, if you’ve been following me long enough, you probably already use some of these techniques.

And that’s great!

However, it’s very easy to screw things up even if you think you know “all” of the information when it comes to building muscle.

Option #2 – For scientifically proven techniques about optimal training and nutrition for natural lifters…

M.A.S.S. is a clear cut, tried and true, scientifically backed system for building muscle at a more optimal rate all while adding lbs to the bar every time you set foot in the gym.  You’ll never have to ask yourself “have I done enough today?” or “Is this really going to work?”

Simply put, this is 100% FAIL PROOF!

Before you’re even done with the program, you will not only be pound for pound one of the strongest guys in your gym, but you’ll look like it as well. You’ll go from “yeah he’s in decent shape” to “that guy must be on the juice…he can’t be natural”.

With M.A.S.S. there will be no guessing, no fluff, no hype…just a dynamically planned program and nutrition guide proven to pack on size to your frame, pounds to the bar, and all while keeping your abs all year long.

Sale $97, Today $47

Note: M.A.S.S. is a digital product that is completely downloadable. No physical items will be shipped to you. Instead, you will get instant access to the entire M.A.S.S. program as well as the bonus components included in the program.

Still not convinced? Here is how confident I am in this program…

I am including a 60-Day, hassle free, Money-Back Guarantee if you decide at any point within the first 60 days that this program is not working for you. I don’t care if you simply don’t like the font of the text I used, I will refund the entire amount, no questions asked.

Sale $97, Today $47

Here is to transforming your body

Take care,

Alain Gonzalez

Author, Bony to Brawny

Author, Mass In A Flash

Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, Muscle Monsters LLC


Sale $97, Today $47

Max Adaptation Strength System is a downloadable program. You will receive instant access upon purchase. Nothing will be shipped


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