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Here's How - For Less Than The Cost Of A Personal Trainer At Your Local Gym - You Can Work 1-On-1 With One Of America's Top Transformation Coaches And Build A Hollywood Body In 16 Weeks

Shred Fat, build muscle and look amazing with the 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching.

If you would like to finally get the body of your dreams in the next 16 weeks, then here's how Hollywood Stars do it quickly for movie roles, and how you can easily do it too.

Please take a moment to look at this before & after photo of Chris Pratt:


Yes, it's an amazing transformation, don't get me wrong, but in order to get this body, it took Chris 6-months of:

  • Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work.
  • Depriving himself of the foods he loved
  • Saying "no" to many social events because he was "dieting"
  • Grueling and nauseating workout sessions including P90X, running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing, and even a triathlon
  • Working 1-on-1 with a trainer 6-days per week

Basically, Chris had to put his life on hold (along with his happiness) to get in shape for Guardians of the Galaxy.

But he had to. His career depended on it.

You're different though.

You have a life to live. You're not a Hollywood Actor who has all the time and resources to put your life on hold so you can look jacked.

You have a family. You have friends. You have a job. You're not going to train like Chris Pratt because you're not Chris Pratt; you're YOU.

But here's the funny thing about Chris Pratt's transformation. Upon researching his fitness and nutrition program, it was very apparent to me that the results he got with his 6-month transformation could have been achieved much quicker.

I'll tell you more about how this is possible later in on this page, but first, will you do me a favor?

Perform this simple 2-step exercise with me…

1. Take out a small sheet of paper and write down exactly how much fat you'd like to lose and how much muscle you'd like to gain within the next 12 months (don't limit yourself based on what you think you can achieve; instead, write down what you really, truly, deep inside want to achieve in 12 months).

2. Now, with those two figures written down, I’d like you to do one last thing.

I want you to stop and think about just how much of an impact achieving that goal would have on your entire life.

Take just a minute and really think about...

The dramatic impact that having a lean, healthy body would have on your confidence.

How much more energy you'd have to do all the things you want to do.

Exactly how it would feel to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and see abs.

Did you do it?

Good, because here's the thing…

You can achieve that body - but not in 12 months - but in only a quarter of the time.

You see, most people underestimate themselves. You're no different.

Often, when you set body transformation goals, you doubt yourself. Subconsciously, you plan to slip up, so you think it'll take you longer to accomplish your goals than what's actually possible.

But here's the real kicker:

Because you subconsciously plan to slip up, this makes it more likely for you to slip up...Which means you're planning to fail right from the beginning.

On top of this, when most people start a fitness and nutrition program, research shows that they only follow it for the first 3-5 days.

At the start, you're motivated to do the program. But after 3-5 days, your motivation drops and you fall off the wagon. This means you're robbing yourself of building a leaner and more jacked body, robbing yourself of confidence, robbing yourself of more energy in day-to-day life, and robbing yourself of true happiness.

Sound familiar?

On top of this, you have no-one to hold you accountable for your actions, and you don't have the extra incentive to reach your goals.

This is why I have created the 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching Program. I've solved all of these problems so that you can:

  • Have the motivation to stick to the 16-week program
  • Get twice the results in a quarter of the time
  • Finally get the body you want: The Hollywood Body

With this coaching program, we are throwing self-help out the window and instead giving you the hands-on, expert help that has been proven to work for hundreds of real people all over the world.

Put simply, the 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching is about taking you, step-by-step, exactly where you want to go. It’s about mentorship. It’s about results.

And rapid, measurable results are exactly what you can expect to achieve as my client for four fundamental reasons:

1. I tell you exactly what to do.

2. I design a program specifically for you, and only you.

3. I work with you hand-in-hand throughout your entire 16-week transformation.

4. I monitor and assist you every step of the way.

On top of this, to make sure that you reach your goals, I have an extra incentive for you to actually do the program and get the results:

I'm Giving Away $1,000 In Prize Money

That's right. Not only is this a 16-Week Transformation Program, but at the end of the journey, you can win my hard-earned money if you have the best 16-Week transformation. Here's what's up for grabs:

First Place: $500
Second Place: $350
Third Place: $150

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect In 16-Weeks?

My coaching will get you the Hollywood Body. This means losing fat and then building muscle in all the right places to build a body that men respect and women are attracted to.

On top of this, knowing the science and past results of clients, here's exactly what you can expect to happen in 16-weeks of me taking you by the hand every step of the way:

  • If you currently weigh under 150 lbs, you can expect to lose up to 8.8 lbs of fat and gain up to 3.3 lbs of muscle.
  • If you currently weigh 150 - 200 lbs, you can expect to lose up to 11.7 lbs of fat and gain up to 4.3 lbs of muscle.
  • If you currently weigh 200 - 250 lbs, you can expect to lose up to 14.6 lbs of fat and gain up to 5.4 lbs of muscle.
  • If you currently weigh 250 - 300 lbs, you can expect to lose up to 17.6 lbs of fat and gain up to 6.5 lbs of muscle.
  • If you currently weigh over 300 lbs, you can expect to lose up to 20.5 lbs of fat and gain up to 7.6 lbs of muscle.

There Are Three Reasons Why You Can Trust Me To Be Your Coach These Next 16-Weeks

Reason 1: I'm an expert in health and fitness.

Over the years, I've helped over 495,000 people in over 109 countries transform their bodies. On top of this, I’ve been featured in publications such as:

T-Nation, Muscle & Fitness, Greatist, EliteFTS, Breaking Muscle, The Personal Trainer Development Center, and many more...

Now, I don't say any of this to brag, but rather to show you exactly the type of expertise and value you have the opportunity to gain access to as my client over the next 16-weeks.

I'm not your average local personal trainer. In fact, your average local personal trainer probably learns from guys like me and will charge you 2-3x the price. When you come to me, you're coming to the expert source, and you get hands-on with expert trainers who are internationally recognized for getting big-time results with clients.

By joining the 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching Program today, you can immediately begin working with the industry’s best to obtain the results you deserve.

Reason 2: I've Been In Your Shoes Before

You may think that I'm just gifted genetically and that's why I look the way I do. This is not true.

I wasn’t always jacked.

I was always the smallest guy growing up…

Especially in high school when all my buddies started putting on muscle effortlessly and I was staying the same size, weak and frail-boned…

At the age of 23, I weighed only 107 lbs. I was a 23-year-old man stuck in the body of a 16-year-old boy.

It was at this age that I decided enough was enough and I discovered a new weight lifting method that allowed me to pack on 27 lbs of lean muscle in his first year of training.

Today I am one of America's top transformation coaches.

Reason 3: I Get You Results

Here are the results that past customers and clients have gotten with my methods:

Alain, this 16-week coaching was the best money I've ever spent on fitness. The knowledge and support I received from you was very valuable.  I lost 16 lbs in the first 6 weeks and and spent the remaining 10 weeks putting on more muscle than I ever thought possible.

Luiz F., New Jersey, USA

My final weigh in: 148 pounds - total loss of 14 pounds over the course of sixteen weeks, yet I look bigger and more muscular. It's great progress. Thanks Alain.

Christopher M., San Francisco, USA

I just weighed myself and I've lost 8lbs.  Looking at my "before" picture, I can't believe this is how I was when I first started! And it's only been 6 weeks!

Juan Carlos M., Los Angeles, USA.

I finally broke 84kg mark and I am 83.5kg / 184lbs now! I started at 87.7kg / 193lbs - almost 10lbs lost. It's been a struggle to get below 84kg and I finally did it.  Thanks for the help.

Martijn J., Copenhagen, Denmark

Here's What You Get When You Join The Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching:

  • 1

    Detailed Client Assessment

    The first thing you will receive when you are accepted into the 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching Program is the Detailed Client Information packet and questionnaire. This questionnaire covers all areas of REAL Individualization and lays the foundation for your custom program design as it provides me with highly personalized information about you, your background, goals, and unique needs.

  • 2

    16 Weeks of Custom Nutrition (with weekly updates)

    This all-inclusive program completely automates your nutrition by teaching you how to track macros, what foods to eat, and when to eat them and in what amounts to maximize progress—all 100% individualized and custom-designed based on your Pure Individualization assessment. On top of that, I'll be updating your nutrition on a weekly basis to ensure you're on track and making progress each and every week.

  • 3

    16 Weeks of Custom Training (with weekly updates)

    You can expect your exercise program to be extremely comprehensive--itemizing everything from exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, loading, progression, and frequency. Depending on your goals, your exercise program will include a cutting-edge resistance training program and/or an aerobic/anaerobic conditioning/cardio program--all 100% customized to you and your needs. Make no mistake, this is extremely thorough programming that not only provides you with everything you need to know to successfully perform each workout, but most importantly I'll be there every step of the way, making adjustments to your training weekly to ensure you're constantly progressing.

  • 4

    Customized Supplementation Program

    The value of this is even more than the above as you never have to worry about wasting your hard-earned money on another bogus supplement ever again. You will receive a comprehensive supplementation program that is fully integrated with the nutrition and exercise components of your programming to maximize your results. Furthermore, as you’ve grown to expect, every supplement listed in your program will been hand selected based on your Pure Individualization survey and will take everything from your specific goals to your body type and special needs into consideration. With literally thousands of nutritional supplements on the market, your custom-designed supplementation program will narrow the list down to a handful, guiding you only to those products that will economically help you realize your specific goals much faster.

  • 5

    16 Week Monitored Progress Assessment

    Each week you will receive a weekly monitored progress assessment. These assessments allow me to evaluate how the programming is responding to your unique physiology and if necessary, I will make adjustments and alterations at no additional charge. As a Hollywood Body Transformation client we continually work together as client and coach to give you a truly hands-on, fully supported experience.

  • 6

    24/7 Access to Your Coach (me)

    Have a question that needs a quick response? Shoot me a message via our own personal training app messenger and I'll get back to you asap. Not only will I be updating your training and nutrition program on a weekly basis, but you'll get 24/7 VIP access to me. This alone is worth the small investment for the Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching Program.

Total Value: $7,550 for 16 Weeks

The Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching Program Is By Application Only

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If the only thing you got was to turn your 4-pack into a ripped 6-pack, then The 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching Program would be worth it.

If the only thing you got was to lose 10lbs and your friends to notice you've gotten leaner, The 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching would be worth it.

If the only thing you got was to build 6.7 lbs of muscle, then The 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching would be worth it.

But it doesn't do any one of these 3 things, it does all 3 of them, and does the following things as well:

  • Makes you more sexually attractive
  • Gives you confidence around friends, family, and strangers
  • Burns your unwanted belly-fat and tones your arms, chest, back, and legs.
  • Gives you more energy in day-to-day life
  • Allows you to have 100% control over how you look and feel
  • Build the best-looking body you've ever had in your entire life.

If you don’t invest in The 16-Week Hollywood Body Transformation Coaching, how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today?

If you don't do anything today to get rid of your excess fat and build muscle with a ripped 6-pack, it only gets worse.

The average American gains 10lbs of fat every decade. Which means that each and every year, you only get fatter. Hate the way you look and feel now? Imagine how bad it could get next year, and the year after, and the year after that. Seriously, take out a pad and paper right now and write down everything that could happen if you don't get rid of your belly fat now and get leaner now.

You're standing at a crossroads.

The road to the left takes you to the same thing you're currently doing, spinning your wheels. The road on the right will obliterate your unwanted fat and build muscle and a ripped 6-pack. It's decision time. What kind of person are you? Are you the kind of person who solves this problem or are you the kind of person who doesn’t?

Investing in yourself today will deliver the foundation necessary to make EVERYTHING in your life come easier and faster -- including that killer physique you’re striving for.

If you don't have the ripped body you desire, you'll find it tough to enjoy the way you look with or without a t-shirt. You won't have as much confidence, and you'll be robbing yourself of opportunities in life such as getting compliments, making new friends, and having fun with that special someone.

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