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3 Muscle Killing Mistakes You MUST Avoid

3 Destructive Fitness Industry Lies Killing Your Muscle Gains and Why You’ll Never Be Shredded, Tight, and Vascular when Cutting!

Have you ever dreamed of getting absolutely peeled to the bone?

The type of leanness that even the fittest most muscular guys at your gym will never achieve. The stage ready levels of shredded that are so rarely reached, your peers will swear you’re on steroids, no question. Abs so ripped that they pop through your t-shirts every time you take a breath.

Or maybe you aren’t that ambitious…maybe you simply want to, for the first time in your life, reveal your abs and make them fully visible, from top to bottom.

If that sounds like you, then you MUST pay very close attention as this may be the most important, muscle sparring article that you will ever read.

You see, getting lean is one thing, but maintaining your hard earned muscle in the process is a totally different ballgame. Not because it’s complicated, but more so because of the misinformation that has been circulating the fitness industry via magazines, websites, uneducated coaches, and meathead steroid abusers.

As a natural lifter, the last thing you want to do is transition from a bulk to a cut, blindly, and end up losing unnecessary amounts of muscle mass and ending up back in the same skinny frame you started from.

“Why are you so passionate about getting this information out?”

Simple…because a few years back, I made the mistake of following the advice of pro bodybuilders and big name coaches only to end up losing over 10 lbs of muscle, becoming weaker than I was when I started, and completely sabotaging my hormone levels in the process…

Oh and did I mention that I was back at 126 pounds and only had a 4 pack to show for it?

If you want to preserve 100% of your hard earned muscle tissue, reach low single digit bodyfat levels, maintain a healthy sex drive, and keep your sanity, then here are 3 of the biggest fitness industry lies that you MUST avoid.

Fitness Industry Lie #1 – “You MUST cut your carbs to achieve ripped abs…”

No matter what you read or who you ask if it concerns fat loss, you’re always going to get the same answer.
Something to the effect of “Avoid eating too many carbs, especially at night after 6pm”…

The reasoning behind low carb dieting is simple. Consuming low amounts of carbohydrates leads to a reduction in the body’s insulin production which will force your body to use fat as its main source of energy.

Sounds legit, right?

The Hidden TRUTH!
The idea that someone can get absolutely shredded to the bone while following a high carbohydrate diet may sound ridiculous…if you’re not educated in basic nutrition. But you are not to blame, you see, with the overwhelming popularity of low-carb diets, anyone could be tricked into believing that carbohydrates are the enemy and that achieving a photoshoot ready set of abs is impossible on a high carb diet. But if you understood nutrition, digestion, and the body’s energy systems even to a very basic degree, you would quickly realize that carbohydrates are critical to not only burning fat, but to maintaining your hard earned muscle in the process.


The first things to consider are energy balance and muscle maintenance. Both are integral to a successful fat loss phase if you’re goal is to get stage shredded (or event ready) while holding on to all of your muscle mass and strength.

Creating an Energy Deficit
The formula for melting off body fat is remarkably simple: When you eat fewer calories than your body uses on a daily basis, you’ll lose bodyfat because it becomes the main source of energy. As long as you keep your total caloric intake below the threshold for bodyweight maintenance, you will, without fail, lose bodyfat even while consuming your favorite, high carb foods, regularly.

Hanging on to your muscle mass…
When creating an energy deficit, it’s no mystery that your calories will be slightly lower than they were during your growth phase (or bulking). And anytime we decrease our energy intake by cutting carbs or any source of energy, the risk is losing muscle. But although muscle growth and retention are correlated with energy surpluses, muscle loss can be prevented by maintaining performance.

Maintaining a high carb intake while lowering your overall intake of calories will ensure that your performance in the gym does not suffer. You see, muscle is extremely metabolically active and when in an energy deficit, it can become your body’s go-to source. So our job is simple, give our body a reason to keep the muscle by loading the muscle with sufficient stress thus forcing your body to maintain the muscle used.

This cannot be achieved to any significant degree if your main source of fuel is too low. With that said, keeping your carbohydrates as high as possible is critical when cutting fat while maintaining muscle mass, period.

Fitness Industry Lie #2 – “Do more cardio to put your body in a fat-burning zone…”

If you’re trying to burn fat, you must be doing a few hours of cardio per week, at least.
The main advantage to performing cardio is the length of time in which your body is in a “fat burning zone”. The fat burning zone occurs when you are at about 65% of your max heart rate. This is said to burn fat directly rather than switching to stored carbs for energy.

Oh and how could I forget…

It’s also going to raise your metabolism, turning your body into a fat torching machine…

The Hidden TRUTH!
Our metabolic rate is what determines how many calories we burn each day and it is largely a factor of how much muscle mass we carry. Every pound of muscle you have on your body requires a great deal of calories just to maintain it. And that is not including the amount of calories required in developing the muscle through intense weight training.

Ripped Without Cardio

Consequently, ripped sixpack abs is not just the result of how many calories you burn during exercise, but how many calories the body is forced to burn, daily.

In Layman’s Terms…
Cardio is not some magic fat burning solution, it is simply a tool. Maintaining muscle mass and the work required in order to do so, if programmed correctly, should be more than enough to achieve visible sixpack abs…

More Muscle Mass = More Calories Burned

But muscle mass can only be preserved when in a negative energy balance if performance does not suffer…

More Cardio = Less Energy (High Energy Deficit) = Decreased Performance = Muscle Loss


Fitness Industry Lie #3 – “Lighter weight for high reps to burn fat…”

I am certain that you have heard this in the gym, in a muscle magazine, or even from your personal trainer.
The idea behind this “lighter weight for high reps to burn fat” theory is simple…

The more reps you perform, the more calories you burn, the leaner you get. It’s almost like some form of cardio with weights…

Although I cannot pinpoint exactly how this myth was created or why it would work, I assume it has to do with the amount of metabolic fatigue (and possibly sweat) that is induced by this sort of training.

The Hidden TRUTH!
Besides light weight with high reps for fat burn has no scientific reasoning, there is a huge flaw in training this way when cutting. When in a caloric deficit, our muscle tissue is extremely vulnerable and our body is looking for any reason to use it for fuel. Training in high reps is not only going to burn less calories, but the stimulus it provides is nowhere near enough to preserve muscle mass.

Let’s look at it in the simplest way I can put it…
When you were “bulking”, you were bench pressing 240 lbs for sets of 5. Naturally, your body had to adapt to this heavy load by building new muscle in order to continue to handle its intensity. Now, you decided that because you are cutting, you should aim for higher reps (for whatever reason). So you slap on 185 lbs and aim for 12 reps. Your body had to adapt to the heavier load by building muscle, but since the load has decreased significantly, the muscle that it did put on during that adaptation is no longer necessary. Simply put, you don’t need the same amount of muscle mass to push 185 lbs as you did in order to push 240 lbs. Because our body is in a negative energy balance and we are giving it no reason to hang on to the extra muscle, it is wasted.

heavy lifting

What I would recommend is quite simple…decrease the overall training volume, continue to train as you did during your growth phase, only focus more on heavy, higher intensity loads. If you can manage to maintain your strength, you will maximize the amount of muscle preserved.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Ok, awesome…but how do I implement this into a plan and put it all to work?”
Well, on the next page we’re going to go over 3 hidden strategies that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know and that the natural bodybuilders that do know are too selfish to share. I’m also going to give you the opportunity to follow the exact training and nutrition protocol that I used to get absolutely shredded without sacrificing my favorite foods, without losing my strength, and without ever worrying about losing muscle tissue in the process.


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